Our Value

We’re There When You Need Us

Our goal is to become a member of your team and provide you with the tools to manage your frying process and oil quality.  Not only do we provide the products to attain this goal, but we also offer the talent, comprehensive solutions, and a best-in-class knowledge base. This allows you to produce the highest quality foods, process efficiency, and profitability.

As Our Customer We Offer:

Full Service Laboratory and On-site Technical Service
• On-site start-up technical support
• Process optimization by our expert staff
• Regular frying oil quality surveys and analysis
• Periodic process proficiency surveys and analysis

Continued Education, Training, and Preventative Care
• Provide on-going training and in-plant oil quality surveys
• Optimized treatment procedures
• Best practices customized to your operation
• On-going oil analysis and reporting of treatment results

Don’t Waste A Drop!

DALSORB® eliminates frying oil discard. This allows you, our customer, to get the most from every drop of oil. You get consistent fried product quality – the same flavor and appearance every time.