Oil Management –
Pure And Simple

The addition of DALSORB® oil purifier will extend the life of your frying oil and improve product quality. DALSORB® keeps your food wholesome by removing undesirable compounds. This means protecting your food against:

  • Off-odors
  • Off-flavors
  • Off-colors
  • Free fatty acids
  • Polar compound formation

Before and After
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DALSORB® protects the integrity of your products and, at the same time, improves your sustainability while keeping your products fresh longer – pure and simple.

Why Clean Your Oil With An Adsorbent Product?

Frying oil is susceptible to many unfavorable conditions. In response, oil manufacturers have continuously pursued techniques to enhance its stability. Processors of fried foods are presented with the challenge of balancing the health demands of consumers, frying process efficiency, and finished product stability. DALSORB® Oil Purifier keeps frying oil fresh, fried product light and crisp, while never discarding a drop of frying oil.

Maintaining Frying Oil Quality With DALSORB®

Filter paper, screens, or cartridges can only remove crumbs and debris. In order to best maintain high quality frying oil, it is necessary to remove not only the debris, but also the soluble degradation products that cause off-flavors, odors, and color in frying oil and the finished product you fry.

DALSORB® forms a filter cake that removes the debris and absorbs the soluble degradation products that are formed during the frying process. DALSORB® has been proven to maintain frying oil and finished product quality for over 20 years and is the global benchmark for oil management.

Oil Purification Process